How to increase the sale 10x for your E-commerce Business?

CASE STUDY : How to increase the sale 10x for your E-commerce Business?

The most interesting and exciting industry for digital marketing is no doubt, E-commerce. The sole reason for the industry to be the favourite out of all is simple as its online structure of doing business. The existence of the business is online, so as the transactions. So, let’s begun with one of our latest e-commerce projects.

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Project Details

Brand name: Siya Fashion (Siyafashion.com)

Industry: E-commerce- the fashion industry

Type of brand: New in Industry Brand

Goal: Sale


As mentioned above, the brand is new to the industry having an intense competition. The goal here was the sale. The fashion industry, where the designs go out of trend just in a blink, creating a brand and sustaining it with the regular flow of sale is a challenge. So, starting with the zero, we have initiated with creating a platform to perform the transactions. Creating an online presence is the 1st step thing for an e-commerce brand.

So, the first step was creating an interactive website. So, we studied the requirement of the client as well as the audience, took reference and created an interactive website. We don’t want to make it look just like a regular e-commerce site but our main focus was the features we could offer to the audience visiting the site. So, we added many such effects to make the website look dynamic and not the static one. The structure was full of interactives, the pop-ups were informative and effective and the easy call-to-action was the main part. In most of the e-commerce site, the potential client doesn’t find any easy way to interact with the owner or staff for immediate assistance. So, we kept a chat box for it.


One such ideal blog that drove a great traffic to the website was this one.

Siya Fashion - Make 10 times of Sales for your E-commerce Business – ETC Digital Marketing Agency

 Further, keywords with this blog has also help enhancing the positioning of the blog, help improve the website positioning and ranking as well.

So, the visibility for the brand existence has been created so far. The second next thing to be done is getting the right crowd to the website who could make a purchase. The crowd could be targeted through many such platforms as social media, google or 3rd party portals and many more.

Starting with facebook, there’s special functions available to sell products online. Further, they have an update named Marketplace. To promote the product and generating sale could be done in numerous ways in facebook. So, the creatives will be of course the priority as the interactive graphics speaks more than a product itself. Before going deeper to the functioning of the portal, let’s get it through step by step.

So, creating a facebook page is not a rocket science but choosing right features for your page is. For example, there’s a section named ‘Shop’ which might not appear for all the pages, but the same is the crucial one for the e-commerce industry. As the ultimate goal is to generate sales, we made great use of the ‘Shop’ section. We have put collection with categories.

Siya Fashion - Make 10 times of Sales for your E-commerce Business – ETC Digital Marketing Agency

The sorted idea of keeping product easily trackable has reserved a good position in the Facebook marketplace. Apart from that, even people visiting profile has also found it easy to locate their expected type of product.

For the industry where trend changes almost everyday, the consistency is the key. The regular updates in the form of post and videos and carousals and link sharing on the regular basis created a positive repo for the brand. Further, the regular interaction with the audience helped in creating a confidence in a brand for providing genuine products with a good service.

When it is about the digital presence, a video has also been a part of the strategy, and where there is an existence of video – youtube is just a step ahead. We have also created a personal youtube channel for the same.

Now, let’s get directed towards the end result. In the words of client- there’s no value for the number of people reached or likes and shares but the digits on their website are. The business generated is what matters to the client.

So, the last phase of the article has come to an end. Let’s get to the back end of the panel.

Considering First month’s sale, here’s a report

Siya Fashion - Make 10 times of Sales for your E-commerce Business – ETC Digital Marketing Agency

The result seems incredible. For e-commerce, there are many such campaigns that run through front-end and back-end. Backend campaigns are generally been targeted to the potential audience but do not visible on your page’s timeline. Such campaigns are generally driven to the direct website or call-to-action.

The right combination of both could help lead the right crowd to the website.

Siya Fashion - Make 10 times of Sales for your E-commerce Business – ETC Digital Marketing Agency

If you take a close look to this, you’d see the crowd source and sales generated are maximum from either a social network or specifically Facebook and Instagram.

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