How to get the 5 lacs+ visitors for your upcoming event using Facebook?

CASE STUDY : How to get the 5lacs+ visitors for your upcoming event using Facebook?

As far as social media is concerned, it has always been underestimated in terms of producing results. There’s a myth for the social media as it takes minimum 3-4 months to grab the potential client and conversion takes even longer.

If we consider this myth, no event should go for social media promotions. This simply left the only option to print media or display ads to get the visitors to the event.

Now, just think about it, to what extent does the generation of today is involved with social media? And still you think, that targeting them through print media will be more effective than the one which has just become a companion to the youth!

So, what’s the meaning of arguments or debate where you can actually see the numbers in terms of result?

So, let me first introduce the project with you and its details.

It is basically a Carnival project.

Event: Surat Vacation Carnival

Duration:  15 Apr- 15th June (2 Months)

Theme: Gujarati & Rajasthani

Target Audience: Local Audience

Project Description

We got the project 2 month prior to the event date the biggest challenge was the time. We hardly had 2 months to reach till the potential audience and retaining them till the end of event.

As the target audience will have major part of the youth, we took the youngsters to be targeted.

So firstly we targeted the addiction the today’s generation-Facebook. With the help of creative graphic, we got a really good response from the initial level. As the project’s life was short, we have put more efforts in design and paid structure of the platform.

It’s never been the game of only creative graphics but also an interactive video where potential audience could experience the service to be offer before opting for it.

We further target only those who are adventurous in nature, have special interest in the rides and exhibiting unique items.

Showing creative graphics and expecting a visit is same as showing hoarding or sharing pamphlets to make someone visit, and still if you get the visit, you can not keep track of which medium or which pamphlet brought the client to your offering.

So, we not only directly promote our content but also indirectly engage the interested audience and confirm their visit. How?

We observe our audience’s behavior and offer exactly what they were expecting from us which is none other than fun activities. Taking into consideration the nature of the event, the audience should be excited and we gave them the perfect platform to have that experience.

We have created many fun contests and polls and games which not only interest them but also lead to the drastic flow of digital word-of-mouth by sharing and tagging fellow people.

And the results are incredible. You can check the glimpse of it right here! 


You see, number speaks for itself.

Reached 5 lac+ people in the targeted locality having similar interest area, out of which 80% audience targeted was youth as we have discussed earlier.

Almost 7k people have engaged to the post having more than 9k clicks, isn’t it sound amazing?

Still not convinced? Yes, it might be fake doing heavy payments to increase the reach and computerize likes! Your doubt is genuine, we can do that. Paid marketing can help you with the numbers displayed on the screen in terms of reach as it is obvious that no admin would go out and check for the 1lac+ profiles to check if it looks genuine.

So, what makes this post look even more convincing


The answer is ‘Numbers’- again. But that might be fake, right? The likes and reach might be computerized, but the comments and share, no software or platforms could bring comments and shares to your post. And this is what we have achieved. No doubt, the content is the king. 1st – your content should be powerful and the rest is the simple and logical use of the facebook tools which not only gives you a dramatic traffic but also helps in achieving targeted goals.

So, coming back to numbers, you see there are massive load of people rushed to the event post, which they have genuinely common interest with. And the interesting part of this comment and share thing is such that you can check for it on a random bases to confirm if the audience is genuine or interested ones. So, we got massive quality crowd in our comment section which is 379, and more than that, the number of people who’ve commented, double the audience was there who shared  the our post to their pages or timelines, the number of shares was 700+.

We hope, the result won’t disappoint you. But trust me, it’s just a beginning. There are so many things awaiting in the queue which made this event even more happening and exciting. Let’s have a glimpse for the same as well.

The second name to best marketing area after work-of-mouth is none other than ‘Public Relations’.

Sounds bit bookish, right?

Don’t worry, in practice-it is one of those coolest marketing experience. Getting in direct touch with the people who aspire to have the experience we provide. So we have involved many well-reputed brand to associate with us to promote and reach till as many people as possible having same or similar interest area. Some of the most recognized brand’s content has been shared here.

As you could see here,

Not going for too much, but just a glimpse of PR activities undertaken for the event can be seen here.

As a result, we got a heavy flow of potential audience to our page which eventually boost the visibility of the event.

Apart from the getting the massive traffic to the page, the audience got to have a live experience of the event before confirming their visit. This activity even increase the excitement of the Mela itself. The crowd, the exhibition and the glam of rides shared in association with such brand gave it another level.

Apart from using the simple tools of facebook, we have something even more exciting to offer to our audience. Something we could say ‘Frame’. You might not be much familiar with the use of it as a marketing tool, but it was a great hack to reach as a share without brand getting involved, in short we could term it as a another way of digital word-of-mouth.

The frame is basically a overlapping design we choose to put it on our profile pic. With the help of our hard-working team, we created a custom design for the interested people, so that they could put it on their profile pic and confirm their presence to the event. We call it a part of digital word-of-mouth, the reason for the same is your profile picture update is the obvious timeline update which would shared among your friends online without brand getting involved personally. Sounds amazing, right?

Let’s see the result then.

You can see the custom frame designed and the numbers denoting results as well.
You see, almost 300 people got involved with this and 700 clicks were made running this campaign.
Now, let’s have a glimpse of who these people are, if they looks genuine!
Surat Vacation Carnival - Event marketing to get 5 lakhs visitor to your next event using Facebook.
Surat Vacation Carnival - Event marketing to get 5 lakhs visitor to your next event using Facebook.
Surat Vacation Carnival - Event marketing to get 5 lakhs visitor to your next event using Facebook.
Surat Vacation Carnival - Event marketing to get 5 lakhs visitor to your next event using Facebook.

So, here we have many people ready to be a part of these amusing Mela. But the real marketing doesn’t end here. Throughout the time, it has been mentioned many a times about digital word-of-mouth, so without feedback, how would you expect us to back off or close down the project.

So at the end, we ran a campaign to get to know about their experience.


Hope you don’t need further details on how to understand numbers. So, let’s directly get switched to the result. As the event has been closed, the reach has decreased, but by the time we have got many genuine page likes who’d love to get regular updates from us even after the Mela event. So, let’s see the result on what audience has to say about the event and campaign and all the efforts made to have them experience the outstanding event

And as per the sources, we have got more than 5lac+ visitors at event. It’s an obvious understanding that marketing should not be one-way but should be interactive. We have not only got a massive crowd on event but also sold out large number of stalls.

It only takes creativity, hard-work and bit logic to make the system work exactly the way you want it to perform. Facebook is not a tool to click and go, but it takes an expert who not only has sufficient knowledge of the use, but also has ability to use right tool at the right time.

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Rajeev Wadhwa,

Founder,ETC Digital Marketing Agency,


Contact : +91-9428657179

Written By :Dhruvi Chauhan