How to promote the Excitement.!

CASE STUDY : ASIAD CIRCUS PROJECT : How to promote the Excitement.!

The circus: name only is enough. One after another, the characters will pass through your mind with just this one name. The clown, the juggler, the magician, the ringmasters and the list goes on.

So, we got this exciting project to promote and market. Here, we don’t have a specific audience to target as the event has been running since ancient times and has entertained all the generations and it has never been off the trend since forever. The only specific target would be of the location.

For any organization, there is a desired output, that could be branding or selling or promoting or any other specific result that has been expected from the marketer.

Here, the desired output expected was selling the tickets for the circus by promoting its shows and offerings.

We have initiated with the facebook marketing targeting all the age-groups, giving preference to youth. Here, we have showcased all the services with our expert team of graphic designers. The designing is not limited to the best of the colour combinations and the flowery message, but in marketing consent, the design is defined one step ahead of it which is interaction and communication. The graphic should be communicable to interact with the viewer. It should be well-versed with not only conveying the message but also create an impression to the viewer. You can see few of the examples for the same here.

Project Description

In the designs above, you can see – each of the graphic speaks for itself. These are such graphic that does not need a caption to express. It depicts the excitement one will experience visiting it.

For such events, the generally arise question from the audience would be of time, date and location- that too we tried including with the intention of reaching more and more people conveniently and get direct visitors as well.

Well, many times- graphic isn’t enough. So, we have also created a video with the team taking into consideration all the aspects and offerings of the event.

We realize that just graphic or video might go one-way marketing so we started with activities. We have started creating exciting fun contest targeting only Delhi location to participate and interact with us giving us a chance to convert the interested audience to confirm visitors. You can have the glimpse of the same here.

Many people got engaged with this strategy. They participate and enjoyed being part of our event. They have not only got engaged, but also tagged their fellow members from their network and sharing it on their timeline leading to a good flow of people to our official page. This is generally termed as Digital Word-of-mouth marketing.

Here’s the strategy why they were people in your page circle does marketing for you by recommending your event/ service or product to their fellow member leading to a trust-based selling. Such clients from digital word-of-mouth are often easy to get convinced due to the credibility of the fellow member.


Further, we have noticed that the message to be conveyed should be in a local language to make it look familiar to the audience. So, we change the language to the Hindi from English. Here, we saw a great reach of 2000+ people without doing any paid promotion. We have reached more than 60% of our page audience without any paid promotion, giving a great engagement ratio which was 25% of the total 2k+ reach.

All because of little understanding of the behaviour pattern of the audience targeted. It’s not about how you want to make your post look like, but how the audience will perceive it-is what counts.

So, uptill now, the game was only one sided- we have given all our efforts from one end-From the side of an event. Now, what makes the client feel it even more credible is yet another qualified partner they trust. So, let’s grab that part of marketing too. The PR activities.

So we have collaborated with many such media partners who could be the guiding factors for most of the client base such as bookmyshow and townscript. Further, we have registered on many such event oriented sites/ portals where people could find it easily and can book tickets online.

We have taken into consideration the fact that when it’s about booking tickets, people have many such options or proclaimed sites solely for booking any and every event. One of such more popular site is bookmyshow.com. Registration with such sites makes the event look credible.

Now, registration is one phase of PR, shifting towards another one is the article SEO. Here, we have designed articles to showcase what our actual offering is and how we deliver such an exotic experience. We wrote and wrote on many such things related to the circus and also specifically for Asiad, not only writing but we also got a tremendous result in ranking on the targeted keywords.

The platforms targeted for promoting such articles was local and not so local. We have written an article on Hindustan Times & Economic Times. This had led to an amazing push to the marketing, took it to the complete next level.

Asiad Circus Project – Circus Event Marketing - ETC Digital Marketing Agency



Here, you can see many such quality site list where we not only got registered but also got a great traffic from.

Eventshigh.com is one such well-reputed site for events. So we have not approached all but the just a few quality sites. Many such news site approach was a plus size benefit as these were one of those links which were targeted to local and could lead the best of the local audience to the site.

Well, these were the activities, let’s see the results.

One by one.!

About reaching the potential target audience. So, here you can see our per day reach for the specific month of event and the impressive part of the record is the organic reach is more than the paid one which denotes the genuine crowd reached as it will only show the content to the audience if they did any engaging activity in the past, so the organic reach also denotes strong digital word-of-mouth publicity.

Asiad Circus Project – Circus Event Marketing - ETC Digital Marketing Agency

Another thing discussed on the above section denotes to the engagement of the target audience with the business/ event or personnel. The interaction created seems here.

Asiad Circus Project – Circus Event Marketing - ETC Digital Marketing Agency
asiad circus event managmenet etc digital marketing

0% block rates denotes to the genuine practice of approaching the right audience with the right content. We have created a personal interaction with 677 people who have approached the event. The interesting part is such that in most of the report, it is stated that we have approached the sum amount of people, but here the number is for those interested audience who approached the event.

So, keeping interaction thing apart, let’s conclude it with the response of digital word-of-mouth. In technical language, the recommendations.

Asiad Circus Project – Circus Event Marketing - ETC Digital Marketing Agency

You can see the excitement level here, the participation, the eagerness, the engagement level to the extent that doesn’t even need an explanation.

The targeted audience if you see, they all are parents. And the same audience is the one we were talking about in the upper para.

And it’s not over yet, even if we target the audience, drive them to the website still, the brand is not considered as credible if it’s not involved with the PR activities.

So we have started getting involved with that too. We started researching for the sites who’d have events registered with them. Such brands reserve those group of audience who’s keenly interested in such events and the people eager to participate having electrifying energy. Such group could be a boosting charm of any events, so we have targeted many such brands such as goeventz.com, justrunlah.com, indiarunning.com, suratnightmarathon.run and many such event oriented brands who do take registrations for the events.

It has given a drastic response to the event leading to many quality leads.


The recommendation every day during the event month is incredible. From 2 to 22. The journey has always been a special one with every single recommendation.

So, how did you like our circus event’s promotions? Do comment below and share it on your social platform. Still not convinced? Then contact us and let’s have a cup of coffee together and discuss the project you have.

The excellence of mind is always looking forward to an innovation.

Thank You.

Rajev Wadhwa,

Founder , ETC Digital Marketing Agency,


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Written by:

Dhruvi Chauhan