Get 400% participation for your upcoming event

CASE STUDY : SURAT KIDS RUN : Get 400% participation for your upcoming event

In an advertisement industry, it is a really common phenomenon that one should not/ can’t target the minors. Reason? In the world of advertisements, children are easy to manipulate, it has been witnessed that showing a tempting advertisement to the children lead them to be aggressive and make unreasonable demands/ force the parents to make a purchase for the specific products.

So, what would you do if your product or event is solely designed for minors? No advertisement platform will allow targeting your audience.

The policy for not targeting the children has been designed to prevent the manipulation only. So if you still want to target them, you should do it in the right way and what is the right way?

The decision authority for the child is solely of their parents, so we have targeted parents group, who are responsible for the decisions taken for their children.

So, 1st let me give you a brief about the project, challenges and the outcome.

Surat Kids Runs : Case Study – Get 400% participation for your upcoming event - Marathon Marketing | Event Marketing

Project Description (in the words of the client)

The concept of the marathon has been famous nowadays and even there are many celebrities as well who are taking an initiative to promote the concept.

But, we are now into something different, maybe 1st time ever in Gujarat, we are planning for a kids marathon. Marathon for kids in different age group. Every participant will be handed over with a welcome kit and during the marathon, all the facilities will be provided. Every participant will be awarded with their respective certification at the end of the marathon along with their individual score of kilometres covered with timing.

Now, the concept of the kids’ marathon is new to the Gujarat territory, the promotion should be such that it reached as many people as possible.  Apart from awareness, it should have an incredible participation rate too.


The biggest challenge for us here is the project’s nature. In general, if you’re studying the project and strategizing about it, the 1st prime prospect to be targeted is “The competitor’s analysis.”

So the major part of the strategy-making was missing here as the project is one of its own kind in the territory. We don’t know how to target, what are the exact behaviour pattern for the clients we are targeting and how they would react, and to the most of it-what strategy would suit best to convince the audience to participate.

It was a challenging part. So, there could be 2 possibilities- either we win or fail, but in both the cases, there would be a common consequences-that we will learn. Learn how to do it and how not to do it.

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To target the audience online, you should have your online presence on your own space. So, we have started with designing a website showcasing the whole concept. As the event has been designed solely for children, the appearance of the website was also of its own kind. We created the website child-oriented to attract the children and make it familiar.

You can get some glimpse of the same here.

The website is the platform where you can showcase each and every detail about your event. So, we make the best use of it. The offerings, the concept through guidelines and everything we have highlighted.

Even we have categorized it in different distance limits. You can check in the following screenshot.

The welcome kit is to be provided to the participant and there are certain prerequisites needed to be followed.   

If you re-read the project in the words of the client, now you can relate it with the requirements fulfilled.

So up till now, there has only been a structure that has been designed to showcase what the event is about, but it will be worth only when the expected crowd will visit the site. Furthermore, we have also added a feature for counting the number of participants, their individual distance covered and their own personalized certifications to be downloaded on their own after the event.

Now, it’s a time to drive potential traffic to the site to confirm their participation.

Along with this website development, we have initiated the campaigning on the social media targeting mainly facebook & youtube and other PR activities.

Let’s have a glimpse of the same.

Initiate with facebook and youtube altogether,

In the discussion above, we have seen that we can not directly target the children due to advertisement policy, so the target here would be the parents who’d be the decision-maker. Started with creating a video as the video would be more appealing in nature, takes least of the time and share more information due to its interactive nature.

Creating a video was helpful for all the social platform along with the website itself in case the visitor doesn’t have time to read everything. Only creating video is not enough, promoting it in the right way is even more important. So we started sharing it on all our social platform to have quality views on the videos, furthermore, we did Youtube

Coming towards Facebook, as we have mentioned that we have targeted the parents of the child less than 14years old with our content. The regular post along with some activities to make the event exciting before the date. We have created many such creative post and creatives along with contest and polls and interactive sessions with our audience which comes out to be very engaging and the excitement of participation seems really impressive.

Want to have a look? Here it is,

Surat Kids Runs : Case Study – Get 400% participation for your upcoming event - Marathon Marketing | Event Marketing
Surat Kids Runs : Case Study – Get 400% participation for your upcoming event - Marathon Marketing | Event Marketing

You can see the excitement level here, the participation, the eagerness, the engagement level to the extent that doesn’t even need an explanation.

The targeted audience if you see, they all are parents. And the same audience is the one we were talking about in the upper para.

And it’s not over yet, even if we target the audience, drive them to the website still, the brand is not considered as credible if it’s not involved with the PR activities.

So we have started getting involved with that too. We started researching for the sites who’d have events registered with them. Such brands reserve those group of audience who’s keenly interested in such events and the people eager to participate having electrifying energy. Such group could be a boosting charm of any events, so we have targeted many such brands such as goeventz.com, justrunlah.com, indiarunning.com, suratnightmarathon.run and many such event oriented brands who do take registrations for the events.

It has given a drastic response to the event leading to many quality leads.


The final result you see, is here.

You could register with a bunch of places/ websites but it might not give you the business.

The only thing that does is targeting relevant sites > working smarter > grab the target audience > interact > make it two-way marketing > get business.

We have targeted quality sites for

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Brand recognition

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